Why train at 219 Elite Sport….
You train here to get physically and mentally stronger, improve your speed and increase your resilience.
We work with D1, D2 and D3 athletes, Olympic Prep Athletes and youth athletes.
219 Elite Sport Performance is not about gimmicks or the latest fad.   We are interested in working with athletes and supportive parents who understand and accept that this will take work and commitment on their part in the gym and outside the gym.

Work ethic is crucial.  You can have excuses or you can have results but you cannot have both. There is no athlete to weak to train here.   We have no room for egos and disrespect but we have lots of room for athletes that are willing to work hard day in and day out and be a success in the gym and outside of the gym.
We conduct a one session interview with your athlete before we are able to sign him/her up as we can tell a lot from this if they will succeed and/or fail in our program.
Your success is what we work hard for.  You will not only be trained with the most effective training methods but you will also receive critical nutrition and mindset support to accelerate your progress ten fold.
You must provide the commitment, dedication and consistency, we will help drive for results.  This program only works if your child follows thru.  We don’t offer gimmicks or fads.
We help your child achieve success for a lifetime beyond athletics.   Character, confidence, leadership, honesty, accountability and responsibility are rare qualities among many of today’s athletes and your child will learn them while training here.  These traits are critical to his/her success in sports and life.
Your child should be prepared to give their best effort all of the time, nothing less is accepted here. We won’t train youth that are forced to be here.
Your role as parents is to let us do our job and support your child’s commitment to coming here. Please drop off your child 5-10 minutes early and then pick them up at the top of the hour.   At home we need your support to help follow healthy eating as well as any training to be done at home.
Showing up late, excuses, complaining is unacceptable and is reason to be asked to leave our program.
We offer only membership which means commitment from YOU.  All training options are unlimited.
All workouts are coached.
Performance training for athletes requires consistent dedication.  It is an ALL the time thing not just when it is convenient thing.  Consistency trumps intensity.   If you have not done the work in the off season there is no magic bullet right before the season.   We are not for you.


Each day there is time to practice and develop a particular skill and movement pattern that is in the workout, such as double-unders, thrusters, box jumps, ring muscle-ups, and KB swings.


Our GPP programming is aligned with the developmental needs of teens, and each class includes two difficulty levels so that everyone is safe and appropriately challenged.


There is a warm down every day so that everyone has time to work on skills or to prepare for movements coming up in the next few workouts. We also use this time to talk about the day’s workout.


You get a time breakdown for each piece of a session plan so that you have a rough idea of how long everything should take. These are designed for 45-minute sessions.

Further questions, please contact Coach Scott at scottsparks41@yahoo.com.